Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Warrior Training/Major Funny in Lot

Zion bike, Hayes Stroker brakes, RF seat post, carbon bar, Thompson stem, Sidi shoes and wool YAZOO socks all donations from my friend TEAMDICKY-
note: green wool scarf not from Dicky's private wool stores but actually issued to me in 1987 courtesy of my former sponsor the USMC
here is a self timed self portrait of Zula and I yesterday after her first experience free running the trail with the intent of training. 10 second Timed shot actuated with remote fob because shutter button fell off. This little kid did quite well indeed managing half of the normal loop that I do at her pace. The parking lot was quite empty of the usual over zealous thrill seekers, the gray skies and cooler temps giving the perfect scenario for some K-9 training. There was a leash in my pocket right next to the small bag of emergency treeeeeaaats which in a high pitched voice has her running to the source. Pavlovian for sure and very responsive to strength and enforcement for good deeds. Good Dog, very good dog. Her entire experience was positive, there were no confrontations to be had and if there were I prolly would have seen it coming and been able to avoid with movement. I'm very happy with Zula's training thus far, so much so I even taught her to drink from a water bottle.
As a side note of hilarity: As I was loading up after this picture 2 guys were standing at the back of the UN Montero and checking out the cool desert storm paint on my Zion when I heard the one who turned out to be John say to his friend, "Hey, I think I have seen this bike on Dicky's blog." Hahahahahahhhahhahah. "No kidding, why have you not seen it on my blog?", I responded with a laugh. "I may have off of his actually", John said. As it turns out I asked John if he knew Rich and he did not but admitted that he was a closet fan of Dicky's blog from Gainesville Florida here on holiday visiting friends. Dammit, well you should have seen it on my blog even though his is the best blog in the whole world and he is way faster than me too, Bastard. Living in the shadows of someone who only creates enough shadow for like the left side of my waist down is a real bummer, or not, maybe it is just hilarious and the funnest thing ever, plus I occasionally get some of his extra free stuff. Oh yea, I plugged Jerry Reed's blog work while I had the chance to get him some new hits in FLA, of course I told him he could get there from TEAMDICKY's blog very easily because everyone(except those living in China) knows where that is!
Merry Hoo Ha! Stay tuned for Christmas day annual ride shenanigans and report soon.....


Anonymous said...

sorry to make you feel like a lesser man than dicky yesterday in the parking lot. i just didnt realize that i was in the prescense(sp?) of THE Big Worm. true blogitude greatness if i ever saw it. i honestly do read your blog on a semi-regular basis. good luck with Zula, she is one awesome little doggie!

Billy Fehr said...

Great! Thanks and sorry that I did not realize altho I should have that your name would have been spelled the Cool way....Jon.