Monday, December 15, 2008

Heading to Farlow Gap

Spirit of the rising sun, love me until I die. First order of business is for me to please ask that you click here or simply scroll down past this post and have a look at the lunar images that I made of Friday night's Gemini Moon. Now onto the Brass Tacks of Sunday's Mountain ride with 9 of my friends in the Pisgah. Rich, Skiddaladophy, Swayze and I rolled out of the Jar around sunrise in the dirty box. Somewhere around Shelby we coordinated on the 65mph fly with the Rubicon piloted by Clint with passenger Eric K. A few more miles west, quick pick up another on the train behind the Rubicon was Ben Cohen. In the parking lot we met Dude, Jonathan Tyson and Bernie. 10 fellows with nothing more important to do on this fine Sunday other than go for a great ride up 475 to Davidson River trail, back to 475 up to Farlow Gap. Down Farlow to right on Daniel back to 475, a little ways up to 5095, traverse to Long Branch and then down back to the car parked at the Fish Hatchery. Here are some pictures and perhaps some smart ass commentary about them, both produced by me.

Davidson River trail
Eric and Clint
475 and 229/Gloucester Gap?
Self Portrait
Hey Bill Nye, there was ice
Big Ice wall or little one?
More Difficult, bah!
Swayze fueling up at the top of Farlow
Mad skills with unpredictable bouncy bike part up front
Swayze about to touch the floor in the first technical section on Farlow
Don't feel bad Patrick, I cleaned this section without fancy fork and the advantage of your youth.
Stand up, Stand up, for the Champions Stand up!
after a gully crossing Bernie leading out, look up the hill behind them
now it's just who wants it most! for the champions, stand up! looks like Hillary's step in 96'
Major trail damage, an entire section slid down to the river below. Riding not possible, running with bike only possible if you are Clint. I crossed in a semi low crawl, bike in right hand, clumps of roots in left.
Before the clog
Swayze with a sweet line
Someone catch my glasses if I fall in, please!

What's left of the original group, 2 of the 3 were taking care of a flat and then heading up to Butter Gap, bastards. Not sure where Bernie was but I know he made it out alive.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Sorry I missed your call. Oddly enough, Josh, who you called, was in Asheville riding in Pisgah with Rich's Cane Creek overseer, Eric Myth.

Those Farlow pics are nice. Always nice to see somebody eating it on those rocks. Good times!

Billy Fehr said...

That is odd but not surprising when it comes to things that are connected with the glue I'm calling Synchro` Namaste and I wish I were on the 30 hour flight to the Authentic Indian Mountain Bike Race in the Himalayan Foot Hills, there would be chang at night instead of beer~