Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charlotte North Carolina's Own Wheelie Man

This is a little 35 second clip that I shot of The QC's one and only Wheelie Man yesterday morning pulling the entire block of 100 South Tryon heading North. Charlotte blocks are not as big as NYC blocks or say Chicago blocks but they are blocks none the less. He has a new used mountain style ride adorned with beads, not these bleeds but those you can see on his top tube. The only thing that bugs me about the shot is the place I found myself in caused me to have to swing 180 degrees back around to stay with him early on. Maybe it actually adds something to the scene, maybe I better be more careful about on the fly positioning. Anyways all y'all sit back in your cubes, half cubes, mini cubes, teeny tiny little cubes or offices and enjoy this little window into my world up in The Jar. Watch in high quality if you have that option below the volume control. Musical accompaniment by Ali Farka Toure.

late edit: Apparently to see in high original quality you must go here then click the switch.

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