Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zoo Mullet on Bike

photo of me and my mullet by Dude(I never examine pics of myself) I shaved my head dropping the hair on the barn floor just over 2 years ago when the Good Spirit passed, since then I have only had like 2 hair cuts(trims off the neck) from Rhonda the 10 dollar barber lady. In addition I cut the back of it once not so long past in an effort to let the front catch up to the back. Now, today this magical instant before us I have a MULLET or at least in this picture it appears that I do. Some people say that having long hair is a characteristic of vanity but I say see how dumb my hair looks flying out of the back of my helmet as if I were trying to be like Mosi Tatupu sans the thick creepy mustache or his son Lofa. No kidding most of my awake life I tie the thing up in a back knot and never really get to see what it looks like in it's natural mullet state flowing like the river Thames off my neck. On the Farlow ride Sunday I found myself a little foot loose and fancy free motivated by my Life Is Good base layer T-shirt with a cartoon bubble of the goofy little guy on a mountain bike riding down a cartoon mountain in a cartoon landscape so I decided to let it be untied. That's right folks the Life is Good Corp now has a line of pro level tech gear which will help this new age of sport enthusiasts fight off the pangs of depression, a little LIG goes a long way. This gear will help you feel much better about your life, trust me it really does all you have to do is actively not think about anything that is really happening-it's a choice and it's all yours! My friends were talking quietly every time I rolled up then they would awkwardly change the subject, now I realize they were making fun of my mullet. I will try to avoid being caught with such an awful hair style from this point hence forth.


Anonymous said...

The second is actually a link to Troy Polamalu not Lofa Tatupu, Lofa plays for the Seattle Seahawks and can be seen here http://media.komonews.com/images/071209_Lofa_Tatupu.jpg I wouldn't expect a bike messenger to know about manly tings like football so I forgive you. Keep up the good work.

Billy Fehr said...

Hey Anon,
Thank you for the correctional edit, you are right I would have had no idea of the difference between the two. Just goes to show that you cannot trust what you see and/or find on the internet.