Monday, December 29, 2008

Dura Ace Lay Out Rooby

Checking in with all the blog folk doing my rounds this morning I found a message to me posing the question about how to get an image up on the header. I thought I would take initiative and answer through my post today seeing that I really have nothing else to report from the long Christmas Hooliday other than that Shimano Cone Races do not have to be Dura Ace Specific to work in a Dura Ace Track hub. At least so far they don't. I have been without my work wheel due to major pitted corrosion on my drive side cone race and bearings for over a week now. I went to the Shop last week early and dug around in the axle bin of Death to no avail when I realized that the Dura Ace had a longer inside flange on the cone than any other. So I went away sad and continued to ride my LeMond Zurich which feels more dumb for work than riding the Zion. Dura Ace parts were ordered or at least the order was written on a piece of paper which wound up with a stack of other papers which wound up perhaps in the garbage. On gut instinct alone I went back to the shop yesterday with wheel/wheel parts in hand and Matt broke out a tackle box of Shimano Specific cone races which I went through with the excitement of a kid opening his or her pantookas on Christmas morning. I did not find a Dura Ace race cone amongst the masses but I found one similar in size just once again missing that beautiful elongated inside flange. Within no time I had the wheel back together feeling smooth on the spin with only a slight side to side lub dub, not perfect but well within the boundary of half assed. Matt promised that the correct Dura Ace race cones would be ordered and that they would come in sometime before I die. When they do I will take apart and rebuild correctly. For now I can head out on my Stay Alive with the work bike and give a could test to the new cone race that is not specifically made for my hub.

Okay now for how to get a slick header image up on the blog spotty.
1-pic out a good image which will be easy when you are living in the desert.
2-make the final composition look exactly like you see it with your editing software then save to your system.
3-log onto your bloggy and go to that cool behind the scenes template
4-click the tab that says layout
5-then click the add header image which will allow you to browse through your pics on your operating system
6-select that image by clicking it and it will go into that empty bar in front of you
7-click upload image and wait for crazy triangle question mark to disappear then click done.
8-save changes and there you have it...8 easy steps to putting up a header


dubtap said...

Greetings from London; I too am looking for some DA track (HB-7710 low flange) cone races and UK distributor has none. If you have any luck please LMK, I had to order a complete axle kit to get hold of some.

dougyfresh said...

loving the husky. reminds me of mine when he was a pup.