Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flash Back Germany

This past weekend a family of new friends stopped by for tea, some sweet treats and a conversation by the fire that lasted over 5 hours. I took out my camera early on to make a document of the discussion when I discovered to my shock, awe and border line insane laughter that the shutter button was once again missing from the diggy. As you may or may not remember because it was prolly not that big of a deal in your life the shutter actuation mechanism more simply known as the button you push fell off a few short months ago in June. Sony held true to the warranty by fixing the problem and then returning to me with a quick turn around. Someone told me then that Sony never intended the camera to actually be used as much as I use it, I think that whoever said that may have been right. Now I am hoping that the Camera Shop in Connecticut subbed out by Sony will stand behind their work which is less than 6 months old.

In the mean time I cannot bring you those pictures that I was planning to make this week of the HUGE Christmas balls strategically placed all over the Jar but instead reflect backwards in time to last years Trans Germany. I made this picture on day 3 as we climbed the first mountain out of Heidelberg after 56km of flat that had Becky and I off the back on our Single Speeds being escorted by the Polizei. As you can see evident from the riders coming towards you as soon the mountain started we were not able to shift so we started passing some folks. Our stacked thighs and mad endurance although important are not the point of me selecting this image to share with you today. What is, is the green moss covered cement and stone infrastructure in the center of the frame. Curious as I was the answer came at the top of the climb from some German Tifosi chanting Hop, Hop, Hop, Hop.....Hop, Hop, Hop. The first day someone yelled that to me I actually got off my bike and started jumping up and down like a bunny rabbit. Ask Becky, she'll tell you. One of the very smart Germans immediately pulled me aside and let me know that Hop means Go in their country. Oh, I get it now. Anyway I asked one of the Harley Riders at the top of the climb about the big cement chunk down lower on the hill and he told me that it was what was left of Hitler's pre WWII Auto Bahn road plan that was never built because well, in theory we all know how WWII turned out for him. Hitler was planning an east to west highway that would never be finished due to the fate of history but the remnants remain.


Wicki said...

Yes, you are right. Two posts in one week....maybe that brings me up a tad... Vive TG, one of the highest points on a bike ever. Bilagen salat!!

Wicki said...

Oh and check it- you may have a new link on one singleswizzle.com

Get your ass out here for a week in the desert, SSAZ-style??